First alpha release of LReport is out

Release 0.14 of LReport is availiable. This is the first release, which I consider usable. Have a look at

Revision 1.0 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available

There is still much space for improvements but at least all exported functions are documented.

Revision 0.2 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available

Revision 0.2 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available. It is still far from being complete but more and more functions get documented

New design of my website is in place

The site design has changed. I believe that navigation is now simpler. It may happen that some links don't work. If you find such a link please let me know


Welcome on Piotr's Kałuski personal web site


This site is now under construction and contains some information which are outdated. If you are looking some information about me, place check my profile on linkedin.



On this website you can find information on who I am, what I am currently doing (professionally) and about tools, which I developed myself and as a member of a team.

Who am I

My name is Piotr Kałuski. I have been in commercial software development since 1995. I took part in several interesting projects - small and big ones.I started my professional career as a developer, analyst and designer.

Although my role was mainly to design and implement, through all this time I had an additional interest in supporting development process by tools/procedures, which would give me more confidence in the produced code.

For last couple of years I focused on testing, mainly in IT environment of telecoms. 

Through my career I observed two things – developers do too little to test their code. At the same time, testers do too little to make their job easier. I strongly believe that both, developers and testers can benefit from wise use of widely available tools. And in many cases they can use free Open Source tools instead of expensive commercial closed source stuff. On this web site I am going to share with you my findings in this area.

What is available

  • I am working on a free toolkit for facilitating the testing process. You can find about the current status of development here
  • I share some observations on software and software creation process. If it sounds interesting for you, go ahead and have a look on my writings