Welcome on Piotr's Kałuski personal web site

Who I am

My name is Piotr Kałuski and I am a senior IT specialist, with over 20 years of experience. My main areas of expertise are:

  • Software testing
  • Test automation
  • Programming
  • Software analysis and design

You can find details in my resume. You can also visit my linkedIn profile (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/piotr-kaluski/0/273/361) , which I try keeping up to date.

Through all my professional life I have spent most of time in telecom companies. So I am intimately familiar with functional areas such as telecommunication billing and rating. In the same time it does not mean I am not opened for opportunities in other areas.

If you consider my resume interesting and would like to know something more about my experience, please read this (too) detailed resume. It is a less formal, less standardized but more detailed description of my skills and achievements.

On a little personal note

During my last couple of years I focused on software testing for telecoms. This does not mean that I have given up other areas of my expertise. 

IT is about quick change and new technologies. Not so quick and not so new as software vendors would like us to believe, but still. Each IT specialist has to find a way how to be productive in the current project, which tends to stick for quite some time to a limited set of technologies (which is good and practical) - and in the same time keep in touch with what is going on outside. It is so easy to become outdated! Unless you are passionate about IT.... 

IT was and still is the passion of my life. It is not that I like my job. I am passionate about it. It is my biggest enjoyment to find the best and most elegant ways of doing things. And I like diving in new areas, forcing myself to grasp new notions, new ways of approaching problems. And with Safari Books it is a pure joy :). I know, I know - it might sound like a primitive marketing. But trust me - I have no business relationships with Safari Books (apart from being their happy client).

My recent areas of personal exploration is JavaScript. I am really amazed by the potential this language provides together with a browser.

I have also spent some time programming Android applications. Just for fun.

And there is still so many interesting, useful things out there, waiting for me to get familiar with them...