Asking further questions

If you have further questions about how to use Win32::GuiTest or have some problem, which you don't know how to solve, please search perlguitest group at yahoo: Some obvious questions like "is Win32::GuiTest suitable for java (it isn't)" has been answered many, many times, so please spend this 5 minutes for doing a simple search.

If you can't find an answer, then post your question.

Please do not start by sending a question to me directly. If it is a simple question I will simply ignore it. If it is not a simple question I may consider helping you, but there is a cost involved. I am a busy person, and I am reluctant in doing somebody's else homework. However, I would love to see Win32::GuiTest being popular and widely used. Important factor in increasing software popularity is a good portfolio. And this is the price you will have to pay. If you want my bigger involvement in your specific problem I want you to write an article on how you use Win32::GuiTest in your company or at least providing me with some materials, which would allow me to write this article. And I will expect you to testify, that this is true. I think such an agreement is beneficial for all of us. The more popular the tool is, the more likely you are to get help next time you have a problem. Secondly, your company image will gain. Using Open Source is trendy, and you will look really smart if you show that instead of spending tons of dolars on comercial tools you could get the same value for free.