First alpha release of LReport is out

Release 0.14 of LReport is availiable. This is the first release, which I consider usable. Have a look at

Revision 1.0 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available

There is still much space for improvements but at least all exported functions are documented.

Revision 0.2 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available

Revision 0.2 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available. It is still far from being complete but more and more functions get documented

New design of my website is in place

The site design has changed. I believe that navigation is now simpler. It may happen that some links don't work. If you find such a link please let me know

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Testing Tools

Free test suite

When I started, my goal was to create a set of free tools, which can effectively facilitate the testing process. This set would include tools for managing tests and tools for helping in test execution. My plan was to create this toolkit in a unix way  i.e. to build the framework from the smaller well defined blocks, which would be easily adaptable outside the framework. I don't like huge toolkits made of tightly integrated blocks, which are useless outside the toolkit. 

As it often happens, life verified my plans. I did not have time needed to achieve my aforesaid goal in full. However, I have some tangible results of my effort, which is LReport. It is a tool for reporting database tables contents. There are different methodologies describing how to create test cases, how to manage them. But regardless on the methodology, execution of most of test cases looks like this: Check the interesting database tables, run test scenario, check interesting tables again and document your observations. The purpose of the tool is to help you with the documenting phase. You can find more details here.