First alpha release of LReport is out

Release 0.14 of LReport is availiable. This is the first release, which I consider usable. Have a look at

Revision 1.0 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available

There is still much space for improvements but at least all exported functions are documented.

Revision 0.2 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available

Revision 0.2 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available. It is still far from being complete but more and more functions get documented

New design of my website is in place

The site design has changed. I believe that navigation is now simpler. It may happen that some links don't work. If you find such a link please let me know

Writings > Introduction


This is the place when you can find all my writings on IT.
Originally I planned to categorize them. The planned categories were:
  • Design and programming
  • Testing
  • Open Source

But I quickly realized that in a day-to-day work these topics overlap, so it would probably be the case for my writings. Instead of categorizing, I am including an abstract of each text, so you can quickly decide if the text is interesting for you or not.

  • I am biased towards Open Source. If you are curious why, read this
  • I have written some articles on GUI test automation (including tutorial). They are available here
  • I am taking part in creation of TESTER.PL - a quarterly magazine of Polish Society of IT Systems Quality (SJSI - Stowarzyszenie Jakości Systemów Informatycznych - You can find all issues here. Note: articles are in Polish.

You can also find my articles from TESTER.PL here in pdf format. As I said, they are in Polish. I am working on a translation. Jakościowe pułapkiIdealne środowisko testowe