First alpha release of LReport is out

Release 0.14 of LReport is availiable. This is the first release, which I consider usable. Have a look at

Revision 1.0 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available

There is still much space for improvements but at least all exported functions are documented.

Revision 0.2 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available

Revision 0.2 of Win32::GuiTest documentation is available. It is still far from being complete but more and more functions get documented

New design of my website is in place

The site design has changed. I believe that navigation is now simpler. It may happen that some links don't work. If you find such a link please let me know

Writings > Gui Automation

Writings on GUI automation

GUI automation is one of my interests.

I have written some articles regarding this topic. They are all focused around Win32::GuiTest perl module, which is free, very promissing library for GUI automation for Win32 windows applications.

  • GUI Test automation - tutorial - This is an introduction to Win32::GuiTest and GUI automation in general. This is a good reading if you are a GUI automation newbie
  • Carefull with PushChildButton - This is Win32::GuiTest specific article. It discusses some risks related to using PushChildButton function.
  • Win32::GuiTest documentation - A documentation to a perl module. NOTE: It is in a very initial state. Keep checking it, since I will keep updating it.