Chapter 4. Windowing, identification and general purpose functions

Functions described in this chapter are used for changing and querying attributes which are common to most of windows. Examples of such attributes are window handles, window coordinates etc.

In order to do anything to any window you have to know it is window handle. Window handle is an integer number, which uniquely identifies a window in a system. If you have a look at Windows API you will notice, that most of functions operating on windows, require window handle of a window they are about to operate. The are 2 functions for finding windows handle in Win32::GuiTest:


Finds the window handles of windows matching the specified parameters and them as a list.


Works very much like FindWindowLike. Waits for a particular window until timeout is reached.


Minimal version of WaitWindowLike. Only requires the window title regexp. You can also specify the wait timeout in seconds.